Spring Men are spreading an ancient disease through the land.  Yes, we are talking about...


Our last hope falls to the young Golem Queen, who's trying to finish this endless loop, restablishing the long Winter.

Our team

Hi! We are Autohit Games an indie studio from Barcelona that it's starting its way into the videogame industry. We are just a bunch of friends that wants to spend their time doing something that we truly love: making and playing videogames and share them with you. So, are you ready to play?

We are currently developing a full game called "RoD",  a turn-based strategy game. Join us to take part into turn-based battles where strategy and the tactical use of terrain will decide your fate.

Check out more about the project here.

Social Media

Join our discord channel to ask us questions, give us feddback, or just help us to create community!

Twitter: @AutoHit_Games

Instagram: @autohit_games 

Discord: https://discord.gg/PwB8env


Aran Tapias (@arantapias) - Art, music

Javier Moreno (Pitticli , @pitticli) - Art, UI, code

Marc Salayet (@salayetart) - Art lead

Oriol Ganduxé - Code lead

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsAutoHit Games, pitticli, GarethSadow
Tags2D, Casual, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity


JamSpring2021-Win.zip 96 MB
JamSpring2021-Mac.zip 96 MB


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This game is great, has unique gameplay and the graphics and music are amazing as well. Love how you went the other direction and made a game about Winter going against Spring. I had a lot of fun playing!

Thank you! We tried our best to come up with a fresh idea. We're happy to hear you had fun with it :)

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A great little game, i can't stop playing and making challenges, like the fact to put snow on all the map [done] i call this one Return of the great winter, or even to speedrun the game 21,02 seconds by far i call this one Blitzsnowing...

However, i found a little mistake that don't interferes with the gameplay x) there is no 5th hint before the 6th, but if we don't look at it, it's just perfect XD

no bug as far so it's a great job from devs and songs are very good

here is the Return of the great winter xp

Sharenco really really appreciate the feedback :) you rock. Yeah, fair enough, will have to live with the 6th instruction mistake ;P We are really proud of our composer indeed :D 

Couldn't make winter great again

Haha.. sorry to hear that :P Poor Queen golem >.<
Thanks for trying anyway!